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May 21 2018


seeing your post on your dash



I admire disciplined people so much. I admire people who can do what they need to do with a focused mind and unwavering commitment, not letting themselves get distracted and refusing to make excuses for themselves. I admire the kind of people whose eyes are on the prize, even if it’s far away, and who are determined, diligent and adaptive. I look up to the kind of people who refuse to succumb to any obstacle or challenge and transcend above the millions of things that stood against them and their goals. I admire those kind of people so much and I aspire to be like that so much more.

May 20 2018



Merriam-Webster’s social media is the only thing giving me hope in these dark times

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This is so pure I’m gonna die

Egyptians: It mew.

Cats: mew

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EVERYWHERE—Claiming that they just couldn’t stand this bullshit anymore, Americans across the country confirmed Friday that someone, anyone needs to please, just make it stop. “Please, please, please, we’re begging you here, just put an end to it immediately,” said sources, noting that it had all gone way, way too far and they would do almost anything for even a few glorious minutes of respite. “We’re on our hands and knees, pleading with you to make it all go away once and for all. What’s it going to take? Jesus Christ, just stop it! Stop it right now!” At press time, sources confirmed that they knew deep down it was never going to stop.

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May 19 2018

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Toddler was asked to feed the cat.


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Violet Starling (Cinnyricinclus leucogaster) with feather detail. Iridescence in bird feathers is due to microstructures of the feather refracting light like a prism. Fossil evidence has shown that birds have had these structures in their feathers for at least 40 million years.






it’s thursday

it’s his day …





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Spider-Man vs. The Winter Soldier vs. Falcon

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the bbc ain’t fucking about


and here you are, continuing on, despite how hard it’s been

May 18 2018




God gave me depression because if my ambitions went unchecked I would have bested him in hand to hand combat by age 16


My message is being delivered properly now


Hi, I would like to be yours today, tomorrow and forever.



no offence but let yourself be ugly!! you don’t have to fix your hair if you’re not going anywhere you don’t have to cover up ur spots or change out of your lounge pants to go buy milk like damn we really gotta let ourselves be comfortable without constantly apologising for just looking normal and it’s hard but i think we need to practice looking in the mirror and saying i look ugly af today and that’s okay!! tru self care is letting urself be ugly tbh

I love this version of self-love because it’s much more feasible for people who are self-conscious. Like it takes years of powerful reconditioning to convince yourself that your flaws, like stretch marks or acne or cellulitis, are attractive. It’s basically impossible for most people.

But learning to say “so what, I’m ugly, there’s more to life” not only overwrites this narrative that we have to feel attractive in some way (which is bs) but also reroutes your actual attention to just, living, instead of examining, evaluating, and judging your appearance

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Just a reminder to check if you are accidentally using your data and not your wifi so you can swap back over

For the love of god reblog this to be a decent member of society

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Japanese artist Sakae creates botanically-inspired hair combs using liquid resin and wire

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